Comment on the Exhibition of Paintings  by

Karl Radio von Radiis
January 8  -15, 1980 at

250 Worth Avenue   Palm Beach

Karl Radio der Radiis was born in Vienna and his tastes were formed in the art capitals of Europe. As a child he was captived by the great museums and renowned private collections, and the vigor and vitality of the Impressionists caught his eye….

the color….the play of light….the sense of atmosphere.

The artist’s formal training was in Vienna and later in Munich. He travelled extensively. He painted througout Europe, Asia, India and Africa – but it was in Cannes, weher he lived for over a decade, that his unique style first found expression.

His fascination with the elusive changes of light and the subtleties of color has unceasingly been a driving force. And he has always had an overriding passion to interpret and record the fleeting magic of the seasons.

Whatever his composition, here is a painter who invariably captures the spirit of his subject. His refreshingly personal approach to painting, his textures, his delicate brush work – all are secure and knowing.

To quote the artist: “I feel that the harsh and the strident in art have run their course, and that again a romantic point of view is beraking into a world starved for  the poetic and the joyous.“

Karl Radio der Radiis now lives high above the lake of Lugano in a delightful villa, and his studio is surrounded by gardens. For this painter a garden is not a formal pattern – it ist angle of tantalizing colors – an expression of the exuberance of life. This ist the quality he captures in his paintings….they are sunlignt…they are shimmering color.

To see the work of  Karl Radio der Radiis is to understand his dedication to painting and to share his enthusiasm for nature in its luxuriance and majesty.